Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playboy Melayu Terakhir : Chillax Weekend Session

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Hello there.

My name is Dani and you've never heard of me. Unless you're one of the few priviliged girls who had the chance to lost deep into my beastly yet tender gaze of these beautiful brown eyes of mine.

Miss me? You thought I already gone, didn't you?

Dani is still here.

Still alive and kicking.
Still flirting and mingling.

Unlike Shak, who works 6 days a week. How uber-uncool is that?
I might as well be dead rather than living that kind of life.

So, how was your weekend? Bad?

Don't worry. It's not easy to be a playboy. Some people are born with it, some had to work hard.

I'm a natural born hedonistic womanizer.

I chose a different kind of night out for this week.
No loud, blaring, bass-thumping music. No booty-shaking, breast-heaving girls.

Just some cold brew, mellow reggae tune on the background, and of course the live telecast of the Champions League Final.

While I'm always of the opinion that rugby is the proper game for gentlemen and motorsports is playboys' toys, it's hard just to put football aside and ignore it. A lot of girls nowadays enjoy football, and it can be a good ice breaker.

A lot of eminent footballing figures are proper playboys too. Be it players, managers, even the FA people.

George Best, Pele, SG Eriksson just to name a few.

I always have a soft spot for women who know a lot about football and motor racing. Somehow listening to women saying "overlapping righback" or "24-valve, inline-6, twin-turbo" tickles me at the right spot and making my blood fizzes at the right place.

So remember guys.

You don't have to do wild night out week in week out. You'll grow tired doing the same thing over and over again, won't you?

Sometimes a change of wind is needed. Just enjoy the night with some soothing music and good conversations.

But that doesn't mean you can't end the night in some hedonistic manner.
Of course you can.

Till we meet again.

Happy hunting,

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