Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blues Seorang Intern : Borneo Blues

Safe and sound in Borneo right now.
After 2 hour flight from Senai to KK, transit to another 45 minutes flight from KK to Lahad Datu, then another 1 hour drive from Lahad Datu, I've arrived at a place in the middle of nowhere.

A place that I will call home for the next 4 months, I think.

Still, I got an air-conditioned room with Astro, and unbelievably super excellent internet connection coverage for my broadband. All hail Celcom!

Here's some random list I made from my short first experience in Sabah.

  1. Flying with small, propeller aircraft is far more exciting than flying with bigger, jet engine plane.
  2. The view during take off from KKIA is indescribable. Mind-blowingly beautiful. Make sure you're seated at the left side of the plane, facing the sea.
  3. There's more pickup truck than Myvi here. Pickup truck is the Myvi of Sabah.
  4. There's no Merc/Bimmer in Lahad Datu. All the big taiko have Toyota Land Cruiser V8.
  5. 1st time kena penangan makan besar dengan orang Cina. Nasi putih + Ikan 3 rasa + Kailan masak cili + Sup jagung + Telur dadar cili api + Kangkung goreng = Tumbesaran perut.
  6. Dpahne Iking masih belum kelihatan.

Letih ah.
Tidur dulu.

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yazid gemok said...

bekas suami daphane seret die ke mahkamah bah.