Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Joining the police force is not a popular choice of career nowadays. Thanks to a group of our own Malaysian who like to condemn the police rather than glorifying them.

Cops are bribe-taking motherfuckers, according to them. Thats a serious accusation we got there, my friend but it is not all true and not all false. Yes we got several policemen were indicted with charges, mainly the 'small fish'.

'duit kopi' Namewee said.

Well, the mother of all 'duit kopi' problem is you, you miserable cunt! Not the police.

Say, you run a red light. A police stopped you. He asked you to roll down the window.

Policeman : You just ran a red light back there, did you know that?

You : Yes.

P : You just won yourself a ticket.

You : I know.

P : Well.... ok. Lets just cut the crap. Because you're a one lucky bastard, I let you off but you have to wet my beak a little.

What a sweet talker he is. Now you're left with two choices. The choice of a twat and the choice of a genius.

If you a twat, and I know you are, you will wet his beak a little. RM50 and the case is closed. Then, when you're with your mate, you will start telling the story. The victim story. Victim of a crooked cops.

You : Boo Hoo Hoo! The cop is bad! Bad! They're gonna kill us all! What is the world coming too?We're all doomed! We have to commit suicide!


You can be a genius, like me.

Policeman : Now give me something to wet my beak. Gimme gimme gimme!

You : (Showing the middle finger)

P : What the..

You : (Show another middle finger, for dramatic purpose)

P : Errr...

You : Just give me the ticket you dirty cunt. Or I'll tell your mother you've been bad. I'll tell Santa too so you dont get nothing for Xmas.

Now bow down to my genius.

See how you can help the cunt-try to solve the rotten cops problem by paying your fines of your OWN fault to the goverment. Not to the policeman even if they asked.

Remember kids, always have faith on our police force. Dont talk shit unless you've been in their black, shining shoes.

When the lives of you, your family or your loved ones in danger, who do you call?

Ghostbuster? No.
Abang Kawasan? Maybe.

Its Polis DiRaja Malaysia.


PETAK.! said...

Aku ta reti baca bahasa penjajah.:DD

-shak- said...

tapi kau tetap tonton filem, dengar muzik dan beli barangan penjajah.