Friday, September 23, 2011

Playboy Melayu Terakhir : Track Record

Girls, whether from Malaysia or Indochina, will always take massive amount of time to get ready. Something that us men will never understand.

Well hello there.

What a good year 2011 has been, and October doesn't even started yet. I've met a lot of beautiful girls from all over South East Asia during 9 months period of awesomeness. What a fantastic, cross-country, hedonistic womanizing journey it was.

I've done leave my 'mark' on girls from every nation in SEA except Burma and Singapore. I definitely can't wait to hunt me some fine Burmese ladies. Singapore? Meh. Somehow I'm not very much interested.

Based on my experience, I would rank Thai girls as top in SEA, with Indonesian came close in second place.
I would rank the Philippines as my least favourite but I'm sure there's a lot of Pinoy girls out there that can prove otherwise.

Its now almost the end of September and I think I will be going on a hiatus. Maybe for 3 or 4 months. Hey, even Playboy Melayu Terakhir needs some rest and recuperation. I need some time for myself, to recharge my energy and to purify my precious bodily fluids.

Its already September 23.
Happy birthday to me.

Happy hunting,

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