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Playboy Melayu Terakhir Goes International : 26 Hour of Sleepless in Saigon (pt. 1)

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Saigon scooter adventure, July 2011

Hour 26+6
Argh my head. It feels like exploding. What types of substances that I abuse last night? I feel really trashed right now.

What the....? Where the fuck am I? This is not my hotel room. Holy shit there's a girl laying beside me. Is she dead? No. She's still breathing. Thank God.Where I am right now? Why there is a girl sleeping beside me? What the fuck happened last night?
OK relax. Calm down. Think motherfucker, think!

"Good morning, Dani. You wake up already?"

"Morning? Its 4 o' clock in the evening.", I said.

"I know. I just joking."

Shit, now she wants to cuddle with me. Well, come to think of it, its not shitty at all. So cuddle it is.

"You hungry, my Malaysian stallion?"

Malaysian stallion? Now that is new.

"Lets go eat.", she added. "You want to eat Vietnamese?"

"Yeah, sure. But I've to go to the toilet first"

After the toilet, I went straight downstair. She's already waiting for me. Then she shows me a picture.

"My family."

"Oh. Your family back in....."

"Da Nang."

We walk together to the restaurant through the small alley of her neighbourhood. The houses here is typical Saigon building. Tiny and narrow, each with distinct colour and architecture. Its crude and unplanned.

"What you want to eat?"

"I don't know. Just order something that I can eat without using the chopsticks."

I fucking hate chopsticks.

The the food came. Some meat with chips. It look more Western than Vietnamese actually. And more importantly, no chopsticks.
Wow, the food is actually not bad. Not bad at all.

"What are you looking? Why you not eat?"

"Nothing. Suzy...", suddenly I remember her name "..what exactly happened.."


"Nothing. Just forget it."

"When you go back to Malaysia?"


"You come Vietnam see me again, ok?"

"Yeah sure."

"3 month, ok? Come Vietnam and see me again."

And then she smiled. That smiled that drives me crazy last night. My sweet little Suzy.

"Of course I want to see you again. You wait for me in Saigon ok?"

She took my hand and we just sit there staring at the bustling Saigon traffic, sharing some moment of comfortable silence while my mind still racing trying to figure out what happened last night. There's some hazy flashback here and there but still I can't put the puzzle pieces together.

"Suzy, I have to go. Its already 5.30. I got something to do at 6 p.m."

"Ok. But promise me that you come and see me tonight."

"Same time same place?"


So I catch a cab and head back to my hotel. I got a scooter tour tonight and I can't afford to miss it since I already paid for it.

Before I left, I catch a glimpse of Suzie for the last time. No way I'm going to meet her tonight. She seems serious with me. Its time for me to bail. Always follow the playboy codes.
There she was. Standing all waving and cheerful.

My sweet little Suzy.

Hour 26
The cab stopped. Suzy told to me that we have arrived at her home but we still have to walk around the block because the alley is too small for a car to pass through. Suzie is stone dead drunk and she's stumbling all over the place with her high heels. Its like holding a baby who still learning how to walk properly.

We arrived at her house after about 10 minutes of walking, or should I say stumbling. Quite small but comfy. Then she takes me upstairs and show me my room.

"You can sleep here.", she said.

"This is your room?"

"No. I sleep at other room."

Shit. I thought I'm going to sleep with her. Well, nevermind. I'm so tired I just want to sleep anyway. I've gone more than 24 hour without sleeping. The mix of all type of substances and stimulants now taking its toll on me.

I'm so tired I just want to slee...

"Hi Dani."

"I thought you said you sleep at the other room?"

She didn't say anything and gives me a sinister looking smile. That fucking smile.

We have a little chit-chat while I stroke her hair. That I went quite and just stare at her. Trying to build up the tension.


I just smiled at her.

"Why you keep looking at me like that?"


And then after a brief moment I said, "How about it then?"

She smiled, and makes her move.

And I just surrender myself to her lovely, tender arms.

to be continued...

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